000 Californians have lost medical health insurance during recession About 500.

In addition, the report estimates that the true number of working Californians without employer-sponsored health insurance coverage increase by 2.5 percent if healthcare reform is not approved and employer superior costs continue steadily to increase by 7.5 percent annually. This recession includes a bigger price of underemployed than we’ve seen in previous recessions, meaning people are involuntarily working part time which can also result in insurance loss, regarding to Ken Jacobs, chair of the Berkeley co-author and middle of the report.Genetic-Predisposition Score The genetic-predisposition score was calculated based on the 32 SNPs by using a previously reported weighting method; scores range between 0 to 64, with higher scores indicating a higher genetic predisposition to weight problems.5 We rescaled the weighted score to reflect the number of risk alleles: each stage of the genetic-predisposition score corresponded to one risk allele. Statistical Evaluation To minimize reverse causality in the NHS and HPFS, we analyzed the data prospectively with the evaluation of beverage intake 4 years before the assessment of BMI.