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Authorities didn’t give details about the modest apartment where the 10-year-previous is now living with her mother, but the mayor of Lebrija known as it ‘humble.’ Officials have stated they could part of to oversee care of the girl and her baby if required, but, but the statement Thursday didn’t reveal whether any problems were discovered or the results of the medical appointment. City officials ‘will ensure the protection of the two minors,’ the declaration said. She said being that they are Romanian Gypsies also, or Roma, it really is their custom to marry very youthful. But what’s youthful to Roma might to numerous Americans sound too young. Talk about baby mama. Michelle Duggar’s Miracle Baby ‘She’s a Miracle That Could Possess Gone in Either Path.’.. 10-Year-Old Provides Birth in Spain What do you call a 10-year-previous girl in Spain? Nina? Muchacha? How about ‘madre?’ It’s no joke.