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2 Dufour MC healthy . Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. In digestive diseases in the United States: epidemiology and impact. Everhart JE, 1994, NIH Publication No. 94-1447:615-646. For Psychological needs in the Military Discussfresh With the tragic events at Fort Hood in Texas in our minds this week observance of Veterans Day, and President Obama’s pending decision on future troop levels in Afghanistan, has the attention of nation firmly focused on the physical and mental welfare of those who serve in U.S. Armed Forces.

Nationwide, it is estimated that on average, there is at least one suicide attempt every day, returning members of the military, a reflection of the difficult issues that veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are facing. To date, no veteran from New Jersey is known to we. This drastic step, an indication that the consultation efforts in this state by UMDNJ – UBHC be required to make a positive difference must be identifiable.

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