26 Things You Could Do With Coconut Oil We were told fats were bad for us.

And it tastes good!Use on abrasions. Helps skin heal quicker. . Hemorrhoids. Stops the itching and burning.Prevents and may help reverse Alzheimer’s. Kills topical yeast infections.Kills lice. Soothes eczema and psoriasis. Really helps to heal acne.Home Uses for Coconut OilSeason cast iron cookware.Polish metals.Polish furniture. Use on scuffed leather. There are numerous more health advantages from eating coconut oil. But remember to choose organic always, virgin coconut essential oil.2010 winners will be profiled in the May/June problem of ALFA’s flagship magazine, Assisted Living Executive. Grimes. ‘Plus, the industry-wide benefit of the Best of the Best Awards may be the program’s capability to multiply excellence as these and others in senior living adopt these best practices as their own.’ Emeritus Senior Living was regarded for three different innovation programs, each of which will be acknowledged within Assisted Living Executive magazine and through the Awards System at the 2010 ALFA Conference & Expo: Emeritus’ House Visit Program is a complimentary program to connect seniors in the neighborhood communities where Emeritus operates with the vital health, interpersonal, and support providers they have to maintain their standard of living in the home.