3 Ways to Increase Positive Emotions Positive emotions dont only feel good &mdash.

These reminders bring back the feelings associated with the good moments inside our lives, our strengths, joys, and accomplishments, the fun we’ve had, the created books or music which have meaning for us, the social those who are important to us. It’s a positivity ‘treasure chest.’ Gather things that remind you of positive emotional moments in your life. For example: photos or other souvenirs of great times awards that remind you of an accomplishment cards or notes from special people in your daily life favorite inspirational melody or quotes lyrics childhood mementos something you produced or drew a gift someone gave you a photo of someone you turn to up Place everything in a folder, binder, or special box where you can find it.The last few days I’ve received phone and emails calls from people, audio speakers and sponsors who heard ‘bad’ things about ALIVE and about the intent of Joshua and Anna Scurry. I was blind to it all until a few days ago when it all unraveled. It turns out they have already been stealing money, including my own that i invested ALOT into this and also have been making decisions based off greed and dread. Their decisions have upset A lot of people. They did alot of issues behind my back even though we had an contract to be the 3 decision manufacturers of the function to keep it natural and UN-corrupt! Right now it is a mess plus they thought they could get aside with their greed structured decisions and actions! I am heartbroken absolutely, I spent my very own cash, put energy and time into this EACH DAY for over 14 months and the function was meant to happen in 8 days.