59 percent of Vietnamese fishery workers are HIV-positive.

The report also predicted that the number of HIV-positive people in Vietnam’s fishery sector could rise to 58,000 by 2013. Relating to a second survey, conducted simultaneously, too little knowledge about the disease offers contributed to the fishery sector’s relatively high HIV prevalence. Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as part of its Strengthening of Fisheries Administration carried out the survey with support from the Danish International Advancement Agency. For the first survey, researchers chosen five provinces that were geographically and occupationally representative of the fishery sector. They surveyed 2,350 volunteers from four fishery trades: exploitation, processing, provision and cultivation.Feron, who’s an assistant research and professor associate in the Division of Internal Medication at the University of Louvain, said that the group was planning to start Phase I clinical trials in sufferers now.e. Provided at the same time that the chemotherapy or radiotherapy is administered. He stated that although the research was in mice and that it had been early days as the idea still had to be proved in individuals, the basic principle of keeping tumour arterioles available to boost responses to treatment should function in the many tumour types where ET-1 was expressed..