89 percent voters support food safety legislation.

89 percent voters support food safety legislation, reveals new poll An overwhelming most NEW YORK voters – 89 % – support meals safety legislation that would supply the Food and Drug Administration brand-new authority to guarantee the food Us citizens eat does not make them sick, according to a fresh poll commissioned by the Pew Health Group and conducted by Hart Research and General public Opinion Strategies. Support for stronger meals protections is high regardless of voters’ gender, income level or political affiliation http://vardenafilo.org/qu%C3%A9-es-el-addyi-conoce-datos-importantes-acerca-de-este-medicamento.html .

The Oregonian reports that 52 children with a qualifying medical condition are currently served by the Oregon Medical Marijuana System. Discomfort, seizures, nausea and cancer are some of the conditions treated. This isn’t the only state treating kids with prescription medical marijuana. Last May, the Associated Press reported 44 medical marijuana cards were released in mich. The American Academy of Pediatrics informed the AP at that time it didn’t have an insurance plan on medical marijuana, but was focusing on one. Medical marijuana is currently legalized in 18 states in addition to Washington D.C., with Massachusetts becoming the newest state after its voters enacted legislation during the November elections..