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Lucas, Aster Awards Program Coordinator. All winners are posted on the Aster Awards website, ( in addition to published in Marketing Healthcare Today, a national healthcare marketing magazine.. ASH wins six Aster Awards for excellence in healthcare advertising American Specialty Wellness Incorporated , a national health and fitness organization, recently announced that it had won 4 Gold and two Silver Aster awards for excellence in healthcare marketing and advertising.Based on the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, adults who had been unmarried were more likely to statement lower levels of fulfillment with their lives, drink more alcohol and become depressed compared to their married peers, the researchers described. The researchers also discovered that 35 % of one twenty-something males and co-habiting males are highly pleased with their lives, compared to 52 % wedded men. For women, 33 and 29 % of one and cohabiting ladies are highly happy respectively. Forty-seven % of wedded ladies claim the same status. One upside to delayed relationship is that it has been associated with a decline in the U.S.’s divorce rate since the 1980s.