According to a report published online in the European Heart Journal [1].

For example, over twelve months of follow-up after patients had been admitted to hospital with ACS, there would be 20 percent even more deaths among patients exposed to PM2.5 than the higher levels these were actually subjected to [3] rather. This translates to 4,783 deaths happening sooner than they should perform, due to exposure to PM2.5 from man-made sources. The researchers linked records of 154,204 patients who survived hospital entrance for ACS in England and Wales between 2004-2007 with modelled typical polluting of the environment concentrations for 2004-2010. The patients were followed until the end of the analysis in April 2010 or their death, whichever occurred earlier.The meat provides been blamed for an E. Coli outbreak in the Western states that resulted in 14 illnesses, spanning April 25 through May 18. All of the patients have recovered. On Wednesday, United Food Group expanded an initial recall of 75,000 pounds of ground beef, adding another 370,000 pounds based on ‘unspecified worries’ raised by the California STATE DEPT. Of Health Services. From April 29-Might 6 This meats had sell-by dates. The recalled items were shipped to shops in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming and Washington.