According to a written report by business intelligence firm LEADING EDGE Information.

Through metrics and complete case studies, it explores real – business budget numbers, staffing assets, and activities timelines. The scholarly research addresses three main areas of cardiovascular marketing and development strategies, including: Portfolio prioritization, item investment and source allocation Aggressive marketing activities Cardiovascular market developments and drug manufacturers review For a free of charge summary of the report, visit.. $20 billion in cardiovascular drug revenues soon subject to patent expiration A lot more than $20 billion in main cardiovascular drug revenues will be exposed to patent expiration within the next 3 to 5 years, according to a written report by business intelligence firm LEADING EDGE Information.AGA launched the Looking Forward: Giving Back endowment marketing campaign in October of 2011, with the original goal of securing $7.5 million. The foundation's long-term goal is to make sure $2 million is certainly generated yearly by our endowment, that will provide annual research funding opportunities to talented investigators. The campaign called on our sector partners, AGA members, national and family members foundations, grateful sufferers, and the complete GI community to help to fill the funding gap developed by a decrease in federal funding for medical study. With the wide-spread study financing cuts and the ever-growing requirements of the expanding patient population, we must intensify to fill up this gap or risk the stagnation of improvement, added Dr.