Accused lab tech proved helpful at 6 Mich.

Accused lab tech proved helpful at 6 Mich. Hospitals Michigan health officials say a traveling medical technician accused of causing a hepatitis C outbreak in Fresh Hampshire worked in at least six area facilities from 2003 to 2007. David Kwiatkowski, 33, is being held on federal drug fees in New Hampshire, and authorities are trying to determine whether he spread the virus elsewhere. The Michigan Department of Community Health said Monday its ‘investigation hasn’t uncovered evidence that the average person was contaminated with hepatitis C while utilized at any Michigan service.Safety data were examined by an external independent basic safety and data monitoring committee, once after 120 individuals had been treated and again after 250 patients had been treated. The Medicines Business conducted and designed the study and prepared the statistical analysis plan. Analyses were performed and data interpreted by the Medicines Company in conjunction with the authors. An author who’s an employee of the sponsor prepared the initial draft of the manuscript. All of the authors reviewed and edited the manuscript and made the decision to send the manuscript for publication. All the authors vouch for the completeness and accuracy of the info and analyses and for the fidelity of study conduct to the process.