Addition of ECC probe to SOLiD Systems chemistry achieves greater than 99 penegra.

Addition of ECC probe to SOLiD System’s chemistry achieves greater than 99.99 percent single-read accuracy Life Technologies Company , a supplier of innovative life science solutions, today announced that it has generated a new standard in accuracy for next era sequencing. By adding an Exact Call Chemistry proprietary probe to its market leading ligation chemistry, the company has demonstrated higher than 99 penegra .99 percent average single-read precision. This high-accuracy data is vital for the recognition of minor variants in heterogeneous samples, a critical area worth focusing on in cancer research. Further, the data is output in standard basepair format, allowing less complicated interface with alternative party tertiary data evaluation tools.’ Life Technologies will show data assisting this groundbreaking achievement at its workshops at the forthcoming meeting of the American Society of Human being Genetics .