Adult stem cells will help repair heart tissue.

Researchers say it is the strongest evidence so far indicating that adult stem cells can actually differentiate, or become heart cells to repair damage. Until now, it’s been believed that just embryonic stem cells could differentiate into center or various other organ cells. ‘The results point to a promising fresh treatment for heart attack patients that could reduce mortality and lessen the need for center transplants,’ stated Dr.Monday Doctors intend to discharge 24-year-old West Georgia University graduate college student Aimee Copeland on. Instead of going home, she’ll proceed to an inpatient rehabilitation clinic and spend the next several weeks learning to move herself with the aid of a wheelchair. Photos: Ga. College student fights to survive flesh-eating infection ‘She’s real excited about leaving,’ Copeland’s father, Andy Copeland, tuesday told the Associated Press on. ‘She simply wants a transformation of venue.’ Copeland was diagnosed with a rare case of necrotizing fasciitis carrying out a May 1 accident in which Aeromonas hydrophila bacteria – within warm brackish waters – invaded a deep slice she suffered after falling from a broken zip-series along the Tallapoosa River.