Advances in RNA research RNA.

The fantastic potential of the RNA research field to solve a variety of fundamental complications relevant for understanding of life and predicting remedies for illnesses was unleashed at the RNAQuality Programme’s first meeting, held in Granada in June 2008. In addition to many European organizations, the conference was represented by leading pioneers from the US in the field, who welcomed the new initiative as an important collaborative push. RNA was once regarded as simply the faithful messenger taking genetic information from the genome to the ribosome, or protein factory, but that view has been impressed by recent research. It is today known that RNA has additional functions in regulating gene expression and as an important structural component both in the cell nucleus and in the ribosomes.We still can't control MS very well, there's a great need for new therapies, says Professor McColl. The University of Adelaide study was conducted by PhD college student Ervin Kara beneath the guidance of Professor McColl and study fellow Dr Iain Comerford, also in the University's School of Biological Sciences. Another potential advantage of the research is in making improved vaccines to fight infection. Unlike in autoimmune diseases, where in fact the body's immune response is destroying its cells and the goal is to block T-cell migration, with persistent infection you want to start the super-inflammatory response and improve the migration of the immune cells to sites where they are needed, says Professor McColl.