Affimed Therapeutics.

‘We quite definitely welcome LLS's commitment to AFM13, and we anticipate an accelerated advancement of the therapy for individuals with limited treatment plans to time.’ In a phase 1 trial, AFM13 has shown a good safety profile, as it was well tolerated at all dosage levels tested. These encouraging data warrant the further investigation of AFM13 in a phase 2 trial to further assess its efficacy. Moreover, these trials could offer proof of concept for using bispecific antibodies to elicit organic killer cells, vital lymphocytes of the innate immune system, to kill tumor cells effectively.. Affimed Therapeutics, LLS partner to co-fund AFM13 phase 2 trial for treatment of Hodgkin Lymphoma Affimed Therapeutics AG and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Culture today announced a partnership to co-fund a phase 2 trial with the Recruit-TandAb AFM13, a novel tetravalent bispecific antibody directed against human being CD30 and CD16A in Hodgkin Lymphoma sufferers for whom available treatments possess failed.This new program, with its inspiring, personal tales of symptoms, struggles and successful treatment, lends a tone of voice to this once taboo topic and additional demonstrates the AMS dedication to support women facing pelvic health conditions like SUI. The 30-minute system profiles three females who experienced from SUI and features medical experts who define this common condition and talk about options for treating and managing it.

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