Aganirsen demonstrates significant activity in two types of wet AMD.

‘For the first time in this study, we’ve demonstrated that IRS-1, an angiogenic proteins, is expressed in the retina and that aganirsen is able to effectively attenuate neovascularization by inhibiting IRS-1 expression, without influencing regular vascularisation, ‘ noted co-lead author Dr. Matthew Lawrence from RxGen Inc., Hamden, CT, USA. Aganirsen blocks pathological neovascularization by inhibiting IRS-1. Clinical studies to date have shown that aganirsen can securely and efficiently inhibit the development of progressive corneal neovascularization secondary to infectious keratitis or chemical substance burns both which may lead to corneal graft substitute.This will reduce the current physique of 40,000 brand-new HIV infections in america every year. Lead writer Ralph J. DiClemente, Ph.D., from Emory University’s Rollins College of Public Health insurance and Center for Helps Research, Atlanta, presented the findings out of this scholarly study at a JAMA media briefing at the International Helps Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. According to background information in the article, adolescents are a known people at increased threat of HIV infection, african American girls especially.