Air pollution connect to early childhood pneumonia By Kirsty Oswald.

All privileges reserved. Neither of these parties endorse or recommend any commercial products, services, or equipment.. Air pollution connect to early childhood pneumonia By Kirsty Oswald, medwireNews Reporter European research implies that exposure to elevated levels of surroundings pollutants is associated with an elevated risk for pneumonia prior to the age of 3 years, and particularly in the first year of life. However, the researchers didn’t find strong evidence of a connection between pollution and additional respiratory attacks, including otitis mass media and croup.Touch and contain the edge of the check strip to the blood. Wait for results to appear on glucometer. Read and record the full total results displayed. Bring recorded results to a medical company. Focus on ranges for blood glucose levels vary from patient to individual and are dependent on the specific's unique medical conditions. Target ranges for sugar levels derive from five factors. They are listed below. A house health care company can explain these to patients.