And a number of candidate compounds to be analyzed.

Roumen studied the three-dimensional structure of the two enzymes using computer simulations and could the dynamic behavior of the enzymes, and a number of candidate compounds to be analyzed. Preferably, this valuable information on the interactions of the enzyme 11B2. By optimizing the interactions between the enzyme and a potential drug it was then a series of a number of highly active and selective compounds. They can be used later as a medicament.

Dutch researcher Luc Roumen has compounds that production of this hormone production of this hormone optimized and saw its optimum dosage. The compounds were applied from Schering-Plough and SymO – Chem BV and a drug patent was made.

They reported Sixteen patients with end-of – treatment positron emission tomography scans were included in the analysis, the mean[ average] % change baseline difference over placebo in cortical amyloid amyloid level was-15.6 % for the 60 – mg group and-35.7 % for the 200-mg group . .

Luc Roumen has developed a new therapy for the prevention of heart failure. The idea is, a drug that blocks the enzyme responsible for the production of aldosterone, namely cytochrome P450 11B2 manage.30th shifts to enhance payment veterinary ‘ Meds.

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