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As part of its funding funding for universal health insurance, the Democrats have targeted federal subsidies to private Medicare plans. – Kaiser Health News reports on Medicare Advantage plans in South Florida and nationwide: When the fight for health care reform strengthened Medicare plans private, the more than one cover in five seniors trapped nationwide in the crosshairs at one level, the debate is. Just about money: President Barack Obama and House Democrats want $ 177 billion in federal payments to the private plans for the next decade cut finance coverage for the uninsured help on another level, the fight over private Medicare plans – that was a partisan.

Laboratory critics that the provision, which is aimed at retirees aged 55 to 64, a Democratic payback unions and would continue until the federal deficit. But supporters dispute this claim and said the approach to stabilize the to stabilize the health insurance and union and nonunion pensioners would benefit equally, as well as their employers (Greenhouse.

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