ASU scientists awarded $20M to boost listening.

‘ASU’s exclusive contribution to the task is a parallel set of research investigating listening and reading comprehension in children who are understanding how to speak English as another language,’ said Gray. Dealing with preschools in the Phoenix metro area, the ASU research team will continue to work with administrators and teachers to build up a bilingual intervention for small children.. ASU scientists awarded $20M to boost listening, reading comprehension in kids Two researchers at Arizona State University are on a primary team of researchers from five universities awarded $20 million to improve hearing and reading comprehension in preschool through third grade. The ‘Language Bases for Reading Comprehension’ grant is definitely part of the larger ‘Reading for Understanding’ analysis initiative, funded by the U.S.Regardless of who wins. Expect MORE banker bailouts, MORE expansion of big government, MORE prosecutions against farmers and home gardeners, MORE fiat currency creation by the Fed, MORE welfare handouts to the masses, MORE TSA roadside checkpoints, MORE abuses of civil liberties by the government and MORE erosion of the Bill of Rights, which is basically ignored by the federal government already.

Unusual EKG can predict death in stroke patients Individuals who suffer an ischemic stroke and possess an abnormality in the heart’s electrical routine are in a higher threat of death within 3 months than people who don’t have abnormal electrical activity during emergency treatment, according to new research.