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While the incidence of preeclampsia in the walking group was similar to that in high-risk pregnancies were reported, the frequency of the stretching group was similar rates seen in the general population. – ‘Clearly, walking is not a harmful effect during pregnancy,’Yeo said. ‘But for at high risk for at high risk for preeclampsia, our results suggest that stretching exercises may have a protective effect against the condition.

Eclampsia is a significant rise in blood pressure during pregnancy and can therefore by the swelling and kidney problems regarding. It is diagnosed when blood pressure readings taken twice in six hours read 140/90 or higher. – ‘These results appear to contradict the conventional wisdom that is the best protection is the best protection pregnant women against the development of preeclampsia,’Yeo said. ‘But for not physically active not physically active before becoming pregnant and who have pre-eclampsia in a previous pregnancy, this is not the case might be experienced. ‘.

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