Bangkok Mediplex four storeys medical lifestyle be Wellness & Health deals more than 10.

MSF was a temporary structure used to treat patients and reduce the pressure on the Likasi hospital hygiene and water supply built improved dramatically since Thursday has the MSF team treated 170 patients.

Fifteen people of Congo MSF emergency team currently working in Lubumbashi and Likasi the team consists of doctors, nurses, logisticians and community health workers. During the first two weeks in January treated MSF cholera patients in Bukama . The outbreak is now under control and MSF over over its activities to the Ministry of Health.Bangkok Mediplex four storeys medical lifestyle be Wellness & Health deals more than 10,000 square deal will be it is total 39 outlets obtained by virtually round the clock order to serve both local and Visit of inhabitants and leisure travelers alike each of the mall shelves is at four general stateroom categories;. Median lifestyle shops and restaurants, universal medical care, health and beauty, a holistic and traditional medicines.

World renownedd therapies. Aiming To Asia Medical hubin Bangkok Mediplex an official agreement with which essential health and medicine renters which has signed her position than world-class health shopping center strengthens and Thai status of as medical center of Asia. Bangkok at Mediplex is right on schedule to open its doors will by the end of year. Kittichaiwong Kittichaiwong, managing director of in Bangkok Mediplex Co. Ltd. Said, ‘really Through these tie-up with world-renowned doctor and Thailand top specialist in medical care, health and beauty, holistic and traditional medicine, Bangkok Mediplex be a world-class medical mall when customers will be experienced for best treatments and therapies..