By the year 2025.

– By the year 2025, according to the World Health Organization, 300 million people around the world will have diabetes. Stephanie Stock at the University Hospital Cologne and colleagues report that a German program that paid doctors modest additional fees for their patients with diabetes resulted in significantly lower mortality rates and health care costs for the patient to manage, not in comparison to those in the program. Of 2.3 per centr study found a mortality rate of 2.3 % of patients in the primary care model that a more intensive physician involvement were examined in comparison to 4.7 per cent mortality in the control group.

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-2 – study and reducing recurrence in breast cancerresults of from two clinical trials show that patients with early breast cancer who obtained trastuzumab Add addition to chemotherapy had an 52 % decline in the risk for breast cancer relapse in comparison by patient that receive the same chemotherapy without the drug.