Consistent with this and to be able to accelerate access to anti-retroviral medicines.

This policy has been praised specifically by patient curiosity organisations from resource-limited countries affected by low-quality products. Being aware of our responsibility and actively striving for the idea of a pool Boehringer Ingelheim welcome the UNITAIDs initiative. We have been in constructive discussions with the promoters of the pool idea for some time and we’ll carefully observe future developments. For the present time we are sure that our approach as promoted for example also by academic establishments is the better option. We have committed ourselves in our publicly available HIV Plan to also apply this approach to your other anti-retroviral medicine tipranavir.Generated record operating cash flow of $23.4 million. Completed the acquisition of Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc. on April 17. The acquisition adds scale, breadth of dosage and items forms, and additional diversification of the Business's product portfolio. Raj Rai, CEO commented, We are thrilled with the great start that we've seen for 2014. We continues to execute on multiple development initiatives. Furthermore to completing the transformative acquisition of Hi-Tech a few weeks ago, we also obtained two more branded ophthalmic products, bringing to five the top quality ophthalmic products acquired over the last couple of months. The acquisition of Hi-Tech additional diversifies our niche top quality and generic product base and brings with it features that will help us continue to grow and diversify our pipeline and revenue base in to the future.