Drug Avastin Not Linked to Higher Risk of Blindness: Study: THURSDAY.

Researchers analyzed insurance statements data from across the United States to compare the usage of Avastin to treat retinal illnesses with a much more expensive drug called Lucentis . The study was conducted in response to reports of Avastin-related eye infections that led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to propose limited restrictions on the usage of the drug for eyesight conditions. But the findings demonstrated that sufferers treated with Avastin do not have a higher risk of an eye infection called endophthalmitis than those treated with Lucentis, the scholarly study authors said.AMT will exert every work to achieve success and reach the market with this unique product. .

Adolescent girls who have abortions no more more likely to become depressed: Study A new study has determined that teenagers who have abortions are forget about likely to become depressed or have low self-esteem than their peers whose pregnancies do not end in abortion. The study conducted by experts from Oregon State University and University of California, San Francisco, is the first to use both depression and low self-esteem as outcomes with a nationally representative sample of adolescents.