E Announces Oral Efficacy of Anti Cytokine SemapimodCytokine PharmaSciences.

Semapimod is a potential treatment for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and psoriasis. The compound has already been tested in clinical trials to increase significantly only by intravenous infusion and the newly developed oral form should the acceptance by patients and physicians.. Pathway.e Announces Oral Efficacy of Anti – Cytokine SemapimodCytokine PharmaSciences, announced the development of an orally active form of semapimod, its synthetic anti – cytokine connection.

Dr. Bruno Marco tested semapimod IV for the prevention of ERCP-induced pancreatitis. Is willing said: ‘The study showed a clear trend towards efficacy used semapimod semapimod Reductions of pancreatitis rate and amylase was were impressive, when you consider that this is a single-dose treatment, where we did not know the optimal dose was the consider consider larger scale studies are clearly justified. ‘. Cytokine PharmaSciences.The British government must loud support for the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence as the be the best mechanism specifically to provide equity ensure into the health system the country system State showing An editorial in this week’s edition of The Lancet.

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