Easy ways to cope with ant infestations Vibrantly colored leaves falling from the trees.

Lemon Juice – Spraying genuine lemon juice in or around openings near your home can prevent the pests from getting into. They dislike the sour, acidic all-natural juice. Cinnamon – Floor cinnamon, cinnamon cinnamon or oil combined with ground cloves, both fill your home with warm, seasonal scents and deter ants if sprinkled within their paths. Peppermint – Similar to cinnamon, peppermint either by itself, or coupled with equal parts water can be combined and poured into a drinking water bottle and sprayed straight at the ants or along their pathways.All privileges reserved. Neither of the ongoing parties endorse or recommend any commercial products, services, or equipment. The completely integrated neurosurgical suites will be a part of Akron General’s new Neuroscience Institute. At Akron General, we are proud to end up being at the forefront of providing the latest cutting-edge and technology look after our patients, stated Georges Z. Markarian, MD, Chairman of Akron General’s Neuroscience Institute. Our new neurosurgical suites are the next step inside our continued advancement of Akron General among the area’s preeminent leaders in neurologic and neurosurgical treatment.