Formed as a spin-out firm in 2002.

Formed as a spin-out firm in 2002, Apitope announced in 2007 it got developed a vaccine made to halt multiple sclerosis in its tracks. Cherry Lewis talked to Professor David Wraith, founder and Chief Scientific Officer, about the vaccine and his struggle to get financing for scientific trials. David: About a decade ago, Geoff Watts from the BBC came to speak to me about autoimmunity for his Medicine Now program that went on Radio 4. One of the items we discussed was a new discovery we’d produced that was a way of developing vaccines for treating autoimmune diseases and allergies, so-called therapeutic vaccines. They derive from the concept that is well known for almost a century, namely allergic desensitisation, where people are given shots of the allergen that triggers the reaction.In an effort to reassure the general public, officials at NHS Lothian insisted yesterday there was no dependence on concern as the dangers of anyone being affected were small. They say they are awaiting tips from the Department of Health’s CJD Incidents Panel about notifying patients who may have received the grafts. Dr Charles Swainson, medical director of NHS Lothian, says the CJD surveillance device in Edinburgh is usually monitoring the problem, and providing proof to the Coroner, but many individuals and also require been affected could have had their records destroyed in line with national policy on the retention and destruction of information.