From 1088 patients H1N1 flu in H1N1 flu in California to the hospital.

From 1088 patients H1N1 flu in H1N1 flu in California to the hospital, died 11 percent, or 118 patients, and 30 percent, or 340 patients intensive care units intensive care units, Louie and her co – authors report in today’s Journal of the American Medical Association. In patients 50 years and older, the mortality rate was up to 20 percent, compared with about 2 percent in hospitalized patients under 18 years.

– ‘Cessation of smoking leads to an almost immediate improvement in the risk of heart attack,’said Dr. Mohiuddin, ‘and our study demonstrates that intensive smoking cessation treatment in high-risk patients is successful and that it saves lives. , ‘Smoking clearly links patients with cardiovascular disease to undesirable results, ‘said Mark J. President of the American College of Chest Physicians. ‘It’s never too late to to quit smoking, and all patients who smoke their doctor to work with their doctors to use the Quit method to find the best for them. ‘.

The study focuses on patients between the 23 April and 11 hospitalized hospitalized.Researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center review in that the orally administered medicine, mebendazole, the growth and progression of the human melanoma tumors been grafted in mice hampered. Researchers in animals a 72 % reduction of the tumor volume, the inactivation of a key protein comprising normally promote melanoma survive and a concurrent 81 % in cancer cells study were watched programmed to die. The scientists now plan a clinical to investigate the appropriate dosage of the medicament, the first step in evaluate the effectiveness of the medicine patients metastatic melanoma. Abstract# 9006.30 clock on Saturday, May 2009 MicroRNAs are able of prognosis metastatic melanoma helping.

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