In a report simply released by Columbia Universitys Mailman School of Public Health.

Background- – the destruction of the World Trade Middle towers – – there has been little analysis documenting the attacks’ implications among those most directly affected – – the survivors who escaped the Globe Trade Middle towers. In a report simply released by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, in conjunction with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the federal government Agency for TOXINS Disease Registry , experts discovered that of the 3,271 civilians who evacuated the Twin Towers, 95.6 percent of survivors reported at least one current posttraumatic stress and anxiety symptom and 15 percent screened positive for Posttraumatic Tension Disorder , 2-3 years after the disaster.Together with the recent announcement of our European Orphan medication designation filing in our Stargardt’s disease cure, the relationship with Roslin Cells indicators the growth of our commercial initiatives in Europe, and, more broadly, marketplaces around the global globe,’ stated ACT’s Interim Chairman and CEO, Gary Rabin. ‘Roslin Cells is already one of the leading organizations in GMP developing of stem cells. Through the creation of hESC lines derived using our proprietary ’embryo-safe’ technique, we fully anticipate Roslin Cells to quickly become a respected hESC bank for European countries, North Asia and America. We foresee major demand for these embryonic stem cells from both researchers and commercial interests around the world.’ Related StoriesResearchers find that stem cell treatment may reduce cognitive impairment related to dementia with Lewy bodiesBlood stem cell self-renewal reliant on surroundingsUS and German experts team up to advance quality control of individual stem cells’Until we created our single blastomere technology, embryonic stem cell research had been synonymous with the destruction of human embryos,’ stated Robert Lanza, MD, Chief Scientific Officer at Work.