In addition to smaller incisions the patient benefits are fewer side effects and complications.

In addition to smaller incisions the patient benefits are fewer side effects and complications, less pain, less risk of infection and faster recovery.###Poston Harry, has earned a renowned reputation for his work in this area, and has a prestigious NIH research advance scientific understanding and identify the advantages of minimally invasive bypass surgery at BMC.

Robert Poston is a pioneer in the use of robotics for minimally invasive cardiac surgery. He has recently joined Boston Medical Center as chief of cardiac surgery. With his arrival, BMC to only one of 9 hospitals across the nation, and the only hospital in Boston, on robot-assisted minimally invasive coronary bypass, the most advanced treatment available for coronary artery disease .. Our system is at a point where the status quo is no longer acceptable, said Dr.And remember to: Use whenever you hear about disclosure not alleged to work, think of all the times disclosure of work but does not hear about it! We have schools our staff, and we must to raise awareness, but let have to keep a in mind the view from 35,000 feet. Disclosure is not perfect, there will be times docs will not do it properly and / and be understood not patient and families.

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