In response to an appeal by President Mwai Kibaki in the last week azithromycin 500 tablets.

He said the government would come to reprioritize expenditure with the funds in response to the situation. In response to an appeal by President Mwai Kibaki in the last week, the Japanese government granted Kenya buy over $ 8 million on food, according to Bloomberg (Ombok. azithromycin 500 tablets

Assigns $ 118.1 additional additional food Kenyan Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta said on Monday that the country’s government allocated $ 118,000 additional additional food imports because up to 10 million people, the hunger of heavy drought drought, reports Bloomberg. – The situation has become especially in Kenya, where people say that the effects of recurrent drought politicized systematic systematic government neglect, says the Washington Post. to feed the monthly requirement Kenya’s 300,000 tons 300,000 tons, the government currently has 500,000 tons of maize in strategic reserves and the crisis is likely to last for at least two months, writes the Washington Post by the government is also for the systematic destruction of the country’s primary catchment area, the vast Mau Forest guilt. .

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