In the coming months you will be hearing from us in detail about these new responsibilities.

I am obliged to seek recommends additional measures and initiatives taken by the Institute of Medicine to ensure we continue to meet our mission. In the coming months you will be hearing from us in detail about these new responsibilities, including a number of initiatives to improve opportunities for the employees of the FDA, should make in order a more efficient working environment.

As the IOM report recognizes, much progress and reform of the FDA safety oversight enterprise. In particular, the FDA has an aggressive effort develop new tools for communicating includes information for patients and new resources for drug safety to out to improve the management of the process, as we uncover and communicate important drug safety issues. All drugs have risks. Our challenge is to mitigate these risks as early as possible to uncover. Through initiatives such as Critical Path and personalized medicine, we are also working with the tools we use to improve to more effectively evaluate new products and processes.announced the release of to the complete results of AVERROES apixaban studies by the New England Journal of Medicine Conducted in. 36 countries this study from the population Health Research Institute McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences in Canada in Canada. The study showed 5, apixaban for patients with atrial fibrillation , expected or have been shows that inappropriate for a vitamin K antagonist therapy like warfarin consider superior to aspirin one in reducing the network from stroke or systemic embolism, without a significant rise at severe haemorrhage, fatal bleeding was or intracranial haemorrhage.