Including sexual medical concerns.

Acupressure can also be used by patients in-between acupuncture appointments for constant stimulation. Using vibrators on acupressure points With a small bullet style massager or vibrator, one can improve the amount of stimulation that they receive during acupressure. The benefit to using a smaller vibrator is usually that they allow you to have more pinpoint accuracy in stimulating the precise point that you wish to treat. A useful guide on how to choose the best vibrator for you, including details on what to avoid, such as phthalates can be found here: How acupuncture addresses performance problems Acupuncture provides balance to your body by correcting any disruption of energy movement in the body, which is called Qi . When addressing a reduction in sexual libido and overall performance, the organs that are treated are the kidney and heart typically, along with any other possible contributors that induce imbalance within the physical body system..

Alba Therapeutics reports excellent results from Stage IIb trial of larazotide acetate for CeD treatment Alba Therapeutics Company announced today the positive results of their Phase IIb trial evaluating its investigational product, larazotide acetate, a first-in-class tight junction regulator, designed for the treatment of individuals with celiac disease . The study met its primary endpoint and, based on these results, Alba offers initiated planning Phase III medical trials for the definitive assessment of the oral peptide's safety and efficacy. The final data will be submitted for publication soon.