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In only one subject matter could the interval cancer be attributed to an ineffective polypectomy: the adenoma was located in the same bowel segment, and the completeness of the polypectomy was undetermined. The characteristics of the identified interval colorectal cancers and affected topics are shown in Table 1 in the Supplementary Appendix, available with the entire text of this content at NEJM.org.17 The 42 cases of interval cancer were identified in subjects examined by 32 endoscopists; the number of situations that were linked to individual endoscopists was 0 for 154 endoscopists , 1 for 25 endoscopists , 2 for 4 endoscopists , and 3 for 3 endoscopists .In the course of the study, the researchers interviewed 25 south Asian people. One interviewee stated about the causes of his mother's dementia: I'm not sure actually. Some of it might be age-related just, but my mum has sort of other medical kind of things and complications [. ] After all, she did type of have a little bit of heart arrhythmia, so I don't understand whether that affected the blood supply to her human brain and made her experience a bit lightheaded. In total, the new method includes 123 new perceptions linked to the understanding and Professor Challis believes this may make a significant impact on increasing diagnosis. This is not just an issue for the UK, he said. Populations all over the world are getting older – specifically in southern Asian countries.