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In comparison with the control group, the hazard of progression or loss of life was lower in the bevacizumab-initiation group and significantly reduced the bevacizumab-throughout group . The maximal separation of the progression-free of charge survival curves for the bevacizumab-throughout group and the control group occurred at 15 months, with convergence approximately 9 months afterwards. In an analysis of progression-free survival where data for sufferers with increased CA-125 levels were censored, as required by regulatory agencies, the median progression-free of charge survival was 12.0 months in the control group but 18.0 months in the bevacizumab-throughout group .However, you don’t have to be looking for spiritual enlightenment to have the benefits of practicing yoga. The flexibility and power obtained by the practice of yoga exercise is today acknowledged by people all over the world and is regularly practiced as a daily exercise routine by thousands of people. Here’s 5 good reasons why you should consider yoga: 1. Treating Back Accidental injuries. Yoga helps heal back accidents by raising the blood circulation and increasing flexibility. This will help injured tissues to heal faster and strengthen your lower back muscles. 2. Resistance to accidents. A solid back and tummy will go quite a distance to prevent the type of strains and pulls caused by overworked muscles.