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‘The results of this study and this groundbreaking method the basis for the conduct of operations is to create more efficient, reducing cost to the patient, providers and hospitals. ‘ – ‘might Operating offers through the body’s natural orifices promise for faster healing, less scarring and less pain, reduces lead, hospital stay and faster recovery,’said David W. Rattner, co-chair of NOSCAR the ASGE / SAGES Joint Committee and chief of General Staff and gastrointestinal surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, ‘this first successful transgastric gallbladder removals represent a major advance in the field and we congratulate Dr.

As a founding member of NOSCAR, (Natural Orifice Surgery Consortium for Assessment and Research: has formed a group in 2005 by leading endoscopic surgeons and gastroenterologists in this emerging area, concentrate Swanstrom USGI USGI and other. This to develop and implement this method, the three last NOTES cholecystectomies are the culmination of four years of research in the laboratory to refine this groundbreaking concept.It assessed urethra reimplantation of, endoscopy injections and laparoscopy or robotic ureter reimplantation in arsenal. It promotes endoscopic injection as an attractive option for these patients. Different minimally invasive methods will be develop in these patients, such the disease is diagnosed and dealt easily.