Most women who took gels and vaginal found messy and leaky.

Most women who took gels and vaginal found messy and leaky. Of the 11 % , a progesterone gel, using more than three quarters experienced gel build-up, a common problem with this form. Moderate to very severe side effects, 40 % of gel users and one in three women who took progesterone capsules vaginally occurred.

The majority of women use the progesterone suppositories said they leaked. Thirty four % said the suppositories caused irritation and nearly half found them cumbersome to manage. A third experienced moderate to very severe side effects.The use Symbicort SMART management approach patients receive of inhaled corticosteroid and long-acting bronchodilators with each inhalation. Thus, with Symbicort SMART , it is possible underlying underlying inflammation with every inhalation even when a rapid alleviating the symptoms used so that it more efficient manner more efficient manner, asthma. A separate SABA Inhalator be thus no longer necessary. Use Symbicort SMART has been proved reduce exacerbations by 39 percent in comparison with of salmeterol / fluticasone combination and a separate reliever medication.1.

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Use Symbicort SMART is intensively tested in a large clinical trial program with more than 14,000 patients with persistent asthma This studies consistently show to use Symbicort SMART, irrespective of asthmatic the severity, reduced the risk the patients developing potentially life-threatening attacks of asthma compared. With conventional treatment of approaches such solid dosage either higher dose of Sharing plus a short-acting bronchodilators and an ICS / LABA combination therapy plus one SABA 3-7..