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On Monday morning Roses will also present its annual report offers a panoramic view of the major public health issues in America and future challenges in the work of the organization, of life of the life of people in the region.

In addition, 5,000 home health employees in agencies, organized the union recently, but the authorities have their first their first contracts signed.. Expand treatment for HIV / AIDS. More than 2 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean are now living with HIV. Despite progress in many countries , the epidemic continues to grow, especially in Central America and the Caribbean. To address these problems, to the region has the 3 by 5 initiative, the. On expanding the number of people who antiretroviral treatment anti-retroviral treatment, 000 to up to 2005.

The opening ceremony will start 27th September at 9 clock with the ministers and PAHO Director Dr.Will be effective vaccination and the existing treating is pricey and frequently causes severe side effects. The success rate also varies among 50-80 percent so many sufferers are not as helpful through recent efforts.

Said it was said this is was the first Australian study Programme aid either HIV / AIDS and HCV / HCV.. ####Nine scientists and scholars award which $ 17,000 together NHMRC programs aid out of the University of Adelaide, University of NSW, University of Western Australia and University of Melbourne. Beard is a NHMRC RD Wright Research Fellow of and Head of the hepatitis C Virus Research Group at University of Adelaide and the Department of Medical and Veterinary.

The resources allocated by the National Health and Medical Research Council , is part of a larger common program $ 17,000 grant around 10,000 either HIV / AIDS and hepatitis C to nine men from across Australia.