Philippe Gabriel Steg.

The HORIZONS-AMI trial showed that during primary PCI for STEMI, bivalirudin alone was superior to heparin and also a glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitor, with a marked decrease in bleeding at 30 days.3 There is also a decrease in the death rate from cardiac causes and any trigger, which was sustained for 3 years.4,12 Given evolving changes in clinical practice, our study was designed to determine whether these great things about bivalirudin would persist in the contemporary setting. Important adjustments in this regard consist of prehospital initiation of intravenous anticoagulation,13,14 increasing use of radial access for catheterization and PCI,5,15,16 reduced use of glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitors during primary PCI,1,2,17 and the introduction of the novel P2Y12 inhibitors prasugrel6 and .Proceeds from commercialization licenses, including milestone and royalty payments, will be shared between Action and Roslin Cells. ‘The relationship with Roslin Cells is continuing to grow out of our initiatives in European countries in the last year, and comes as part of our close attempts with the Scottish Development agency. Combined with the recent announcement of our European Orphan drug designation filing inside our Stargardt’s disease treatment program, the partnership with Roslin Cells indicators the growth of our industrial initiatives in European countries, and, more broadly, markets around the world,’ stated ACT’s Interim Chairman and CEO, Gary Rabin. ‘Roslin Cells is already among the leading businesses in GMP manufacturing of stem cells.