Additionally, the AMA'sAccelerating Change in Medical Educationinitiative is certainly addressing some of these concerns through projects targeted at defining the perfect learning environment along the continuum of medical education andtraining medical learners in new waysto ensure physicians are ready to practice in the evolving health care landscape. This program is designed to help healthcare providers better educate sufferers and the city about solutions for the treating erectile dysfunction and male tension urinary incontinence . AMS may be the first business in Europe to launch such a program and provide these kinds of educational components to patients suffering from ED and SUI.But that’s only because those people don’t know what UK scientists are really capable of . Through the entire scientific community, ethical boundaries have been obliterated in the search for profits. Provided that there’s cash on the table, it appears, no violation of character, God or just plain good sense will stand in the way of several mad researchers attempting to feed their maniacal egos. As another striking example, Dr. Jonas Salk, the famous developer of the polio vaccine, was in fact a medical criminal who carried out illegal medical experiments on mental patients without their consent ( NaturalNews has documented a partial history of scientific medical experiments on humans that shows the shocking depths of this horrifying branch of so-called science.