Rather than ICD-10.

ACP recommends HHS to consider usage of SNOMED-CT than ICD-10 for coding problems rather The American University of Doctors today urged the Section of Health and Human Services to utilize the International Classification of Diseases implementation delay to consider specifying the use of Systemized Nomenclature of Medicine – Clinical Term , rather than ICD-10, for coding problems in all situations. ACP’s suggestion was part of a letter to HHS Secretary Sebelius commenting on the ICD-10 proposed rule compliance time. HHS is seeking insight from physician organizations in order to effectively distribute education and assistance materials to physicians and other clinicians for a new diagnosis program.Methods Screening Program Norway, with a total inhabitants of 4.8 million, includes a public health care system. Patients generally receive treatment in their county of residence, and there is absolutely no private primary look after breast malignancy.8 The nationwide Cancer Registry of Norway is close to 100 percent complete.9,10 Patients are identified in the registry by their unique national registration number individually, which includes the time of birth. The Breasts is operate by The registry Cancer Screening System, which started as a pilot task in 4 of the 19 Norwegian counties in 1996. 2 yrs later, the national government decided to expand the program, and over a period of 9 years, the rest of the 15 counties were enrolled in a staggered fashion11 .