Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found.

We wanted to determine whether recovery in completely oxygen following this sort of brain damage would exacerbate neuronal injury and impair useful recovery, and in these animals, it did impair recovery, Dr. Kernie stated. Our research shows even brief exposure to completely oxygen during resuscitation actually worsens white-matter injuries. Dr. Kernie stated adding pure oxygen to the damaged human brain increases an activity called oxidative stress, due to the forming of reactive molecules highly. The researchers found, however, that administering an antioxidant, which halts the dangerous oxidation process, reversed the harm in the mice provided 100 % oxygen. Further study is needed to determine the best possible concentration of oxygen to make use of for optimal recovery also to limit secondary brain damage, Dr.Kenneth Lyons Jones, MD, professor in the UCSD Department of Pediatrics and a famous professional in birth defects, and Christina Chambers, MPH, PhD, director of the California Teratogen Information Service Pregnancy Wellness Information Line, say these studies are misleading to women that are pregnant, citing more than 30 years of research to the contrary. This group of research collected data on alcohol publicity during an interview conducted sometime between 7 and 39 weeks of being pregnant.