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In 2007. Result in serious injury, death and property damage, USA – National Fire Protection Association ‘s Fire Prevention Week Oct. 5 to 11 and this year’s theme is ‘Prevent Home Fires. ‘ According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there were 3,430 civilian deaths and 17,675 civilian injuries that occurred as a result of a fire in 2007. Furthermore, the direct economic loss was estimated at $ 14.6 billion. Losses losses and in the in the home fires. Fires fires think more often than other people, but they are avoidable We want to make sure to know Alabamians about the risks for home fires and to prevent they can to prevent it, ‘said on fire Prevention Week will focus on the areas most associated with home fires.

Smoke detectors should each each be level of your home, including the basement.To increase security, we recommend that you install smoke detectors both inside and outside all sleeping areas. For more information about fire prevention.

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