Right down to regrowing the exact hair color at the website of the injury.

African mouse may hold key to scar-free surgery An African mouse with skin regeneration properties may hold the key to scar-free procedures for humans. The African spiny mouse is well known for its ability to allow its pores and skin to rip off its tail when becoming grabbed by predators because it can regenerate the lacking bits how long does levitra last . But, what researchers discovered was this ability extended to the entire mouse’s body and that the skin could look exactly as it do before, right down to regrowing the exact hair color at the website of the injury. ‘These guys have been known to drop their tail, but nobody got ever reported on skin dislodging from their body,’ study author Dr.

The findings from the analysis are reported in the December problem of the Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association, that includes a group of studies and articles on cervical cancer in South Carolina. The journal represents one of the first comprehensive statewide reports on cervical malignancy incidence and mortality, said Dr. Saundra Glover, an Arnold School director and researcher of the Institute for Partnerships to Eliminate Health Disparities. That is a landmark, a stepping stone for all of us as we address cervical cancer tumor among minority females, she said. Removing health disparities is complex and involves many factors, including usage of screening and follow-up treatment, Glover said.