Rights opponents Should McCain support for president.

Writes writes, though McCain is the cause for some serious headaches for the pro-life movement, he said abortion rights opponent has far more attractive prospect. According to George are McCain’s reform campaign finance legislation and his support for human embryonic stem cell research funding policy serious concerns for pro-life voters. However, McCain’s pro-life record as a whole is very strong and not the record of a politician hostile to the pro-life cause or generally unreliable pro-life issues, George writes. He added that as president McCain would be preserved. Crucial for the life policies, including the so-called Mexico City policy – which bars U.S. Funding from going to international groups that offer counseling to advocate or seek changes to laws on abortion – like the Hyde Amendment, which in the use of federal funds for abortion except pay cases of rape or incest ban, or if a woman’s life is in danger.

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