Seung-Jung Park.

Study Population Patients were eligible to enroll in the REAL-LATE trial if they had undergone implantation of drug-eluting stents at least 12 months before enrollment, hadn’t had a significant adverse cardiovascular event or major bleeding since implantation, and were receiving dual antiplatelet therapy during enrollment. Sufferers were excluded if indeed they got contraindications to the use of antiplatelet medicines or got concomitant vascular disease needing long-term usage of clopidogrel or other established indications for clopidogrel therapy . Individuals had been also excluded if, in the judgment of the investigator, they had non-cardiac coexisting conditions that resulted in a life expectancy of less than 12 months or that might bring about noncompliance with the analysis protocol or if indeed they were participating in another drug or coronary-device study.Adverse Events The entire incidence of adverse events and serious adverse events is presented in Table 3. There were no significant between-group variations in the prices of serious adverse occasions, aside from cardiac disorders, which occurred in 9 of 133 sufferers in the acetylcysteine group and in 2 of 131 patients in the placebo group , and gastrointestinal disorders, which occurred in zero patients in the acetylcysteine group and in 6 of 131 sufferers in the placebo group . Subgroup Analyses non-e of the comparisons of end result actions reached the prespecified conservative P value .