Sleep Apnea May Raise Womens Heart Risk.

He said that ‘treatments for rest apnea include weight loss, avoidance of alcohol in the evening, continuous positive airway pressure therapy and dental appliances.’ Dr. Sean Pinney is director of Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Program at The Mount Sinai Medical center in New York City. He believes the brand new results should ‘help us understand the mechanisms underlying center failure.’ The fact that women’s hearts seem more affected by sleep apnea is ‘extremely compelling,’ Pinney added. The study was published this month in the journal Circulation.. Sleep Apnea May Raise Women’s Heart Risk, HOWEVER, NOT Men’s: – WEDNESDAY, Oct. 14, 2015 – – The nighttime breathing disturbance referred to as sleep apnea can boost a woman’s risk for heart disease and even loss of life, but there was no such impact for men, a fresh study finds.Any additional styling might lead to frizz so the hard work is over! Enjoy your kinky lady wash and go and wear it proud and loud!. A fundraising trigger: Abortion access LA Times: Raising Money TO MAKE SURE Women GET ACCESS TO Abortions Sarah Tuttle led her bowling team to a fourth-place finish in a nationwide tournament this April that raised $553,133 to greatly help low-income women seeking abortions. ‘Some people fundraise to fight breasts cancers; I fundraise for abortion access,’ said Tuttle, a hot collection operator and panel member for the Lilith Fund, a Texas nonprofit that helps women purchase abortions.