What is prostatitis?

What is the prostate and what is prostatitis?

Most of us are used to carefully monitoring the health of your heart, worrying about lung health. But few of the men remember that special care is needed for their “second heart” – the prostate gland.

This is a small organ, the size of a walnut. Not even every man knows about where he is and what he is aiming at. But he is often one of the most significant causes of health problems of the male half of humanity. And the trouble can overtake both the teenager, and elderly people, for those who have ED it is recommended to use sildenafil 100mg .

Like any other disease, prostate inflammation, the most common prostatic disease, is easier to prevent than treat and easier to treat early than in later stages. Therefore, it is extremely important that every man knows by heart the symptoms of the approach of this disease, in order to be able to contact the urologist in time.

The prostate gland, or prostate is the musculo-glandular organ, which is an integral part of the reproductive system of a man. It is located in a small pelvis, under the bladder, weighs only about 20-30 grams. The main function of the prostate, if you speak in a simplistic language – to produce a fluid that is part of the sperm.

Despite its modest size (the size of a small chestnut), this small piece of iron can defeat any Hercules.

As the World Health Organization notes, every third man from among the inhabitants of Europe and the US at least once noticed symptoms of inflammation of the prostate. Every fifth mature man has chronic prostatitis.