The establishment of the authority.

The research team found the current health care system gives physicians control over the practices of other professional groups. The establishment of the authority, the researchers argue redefined redefined to permit that nurses be increasingly heard in public, and with more decision-making power.

The authors of the study are Danielle D’Amour, a professor at the University? de Montr al Faculty of Nursing and scientific director of the Centre FERASI; Dominique Tremblay, a postdoctoral scholar ;? and Michelle Proulx, a research professional at the University? de Montr? al FERASI Centre. Results of the study were based on data from three research projects.

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Have no symptoms, is not close college classrooms: CDC Students must to be encouraged to insulate themselves and isolate themselves if they are sick, but hope the advantages of the vaccination when it is available, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said at the press conference.

Classes would be suspended where the H1N1 season particular particularly serious, and such decisions should be include other mass gatherings as sports events or even commencement ceremonies, said the CDC..